Kawarau Heights Update June 2022

Construction of the first homes at Kawarau Heights has commenced. These stunning architectural homes in the months to come will showcase the quality you can expect to see across the neighbourhood.

The construction team have ensured that the Kawarau Heights estate also meets the exclusive residential standard. Freshly sealed roads, steel and schist feature entry statements, porphyry stone crosswalks, bespoke street lighting, establishing landscaping and manicured sections evoke a sense of privacy, luxury and awe… and that’s before you take in the views!

We’ve also compiled and finalised the Design Guidelines for the Estate.

These comprehensive guidelines have been developed to ensure that Kawarau Heights continues to be a luxury high-quality boutique residential enclave. You can have confidence that neighbouring homes will have a cohesive architectural character and will be of equal or similar quality, preserving and enhancing the value of your home for years to come.