About Kawarau Heights

How many freehold sections are available?

There are 100 sections within Kawarau Heights. All land will be sold with freehold titles.

What sizes are these sections?

There is a range of section sizes available at Kawarau Heights. Available section sizes range from 400 sqm to 2,710 sqm.

When will title be issued?

The first titles are proposed to be issued in September 2022.

Are there any covenants on the title?

Yes, covenants will be registered on the title of all land within Kawarau Heights. Covenants serve to protect the value of your Kawarau Heights property and enhance the privacy, peace and security of residents. They obligate owners to the high standards of quality expected in the design, construction and maintenance of their dwelling, its landscaping and within the wider community.

Each neighbourhood within Kawarau Heights may have different covenants. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the covenants and consent notices that apply to your preferred section and have your solicitor review and explain them to you.

Will there be any design guidelines?

Yes, design guidelines will be implemented to ensure that the vision for Kawarau Heights – to create a high-quality residential community – is achieved.

Design guidelines serve to protect the value of your Kawarau Heights property, creating neighbourhoods with cohesive architectural character, streetscapes that are in keeping with the rural and natural alpine environment and preserving views.

Are there any body corporates, owner’s association fees or annual levies?

No – all infrastructure will be vested to Queenstown Local District Council (QLDC) and respective utility service providers. Owners of land in Kawarau Heights will only be responsible for paying local (QLDC) & regional (Otago Regional Council) Rates. Rates will start accumulating on settlement of title.

What services are provided to the lot boundary?

All Kawarau Heights sections will have fully integrated services provided to the lot boundary. These include connections to QLDC reticulated services (water, wastewater, stormwater), electricity, fibre optic broadband cable, and natural reticulated gas.

How will Kawarau Heights be landscaped?

Boffa Miskell designed the urban landscape concept design for style and planting at Kawarau Heights. The landscaping will comprise a mix of planting characteristics of the surrounding rural and natural alpine environment with exotic trees of autumnal colour for visual interest and variety. Natural local schist will be featured in hard landscape details.